faq topics

Size & Fit
How do I find the right size?
Can I purchase different sizes for swim tops and bottoms?
Is everything true to size?
Do you provide plus sizing or petite sizing?
Does your sizing follow the global sizing standards?
Why are your sizes list incomplete?
Which size should I pick if my size falls somewhere in the middle of your size list?
I picked my clothing in accordance with your size chart, therefore why don't they fit properly?
I examined my measurements to the size chart, but I was unable to find a fit. What should I to do?
Return & Exchange
What is your return policy?
How do I return or exchange items? - Paperless returns
Do I need to pay for return shipping charge?
Can I get full refund if return?
When will I get the refund?
What if my item is damaged/defective/stained/wrong/misssing or has any other quality issue?
Where is your return warehouse?
What is the RMA number?
How am I able to withdraw my refund from wallet credit?
Shipping Info
Do you ship worldwide? Do you ship to my country?
How long will it take my order to process for shipment?
Is the shipping free and what shipping methods do you offer?
Do you ship overnight?
How long will it take my order to arrive?
What is the insurance fee?
What if I did not receive the order?
Payment issue
What payment methods do you have? And do you accept the cash?
Why isn’t my promo code working?
Do you have a commercial invoice?
Terms of points using.
How to check the points or account balance?
How to get points?
Why my payment was declined?
Can I use more than one discount code?
Can I use the points, money in wallet and coupon code simult
What currencies do your accept for payment?
Why I can’t pay for the order?
Why do I need to verify my payment on my order?
How can I get coupon?
How to get coupon?
How to cancel the order?
Why is my order canceled?
Can I repurchase the canceled order?
Could I use the coupon next time?
Could you refund the coupon for me?
Track my order
How to track my order?
My tracking has not been updated for an extended period of time.
I don't receive my order after the estimated time of arrival.
I did not receive my part order.
My order was divided into two or more packages.
I am not in when my order arrives.
I haven't received my order but tracking information shows delivered.
My tracking shows that package is returning to sender.
I want to cancel the order and stop delivery.
Are there any additional charges?
Modify My Order
Why my order has not been confirmed?
When my order will be send out?
Could you refund the balance for me?
I have not received my refund.
Account inquiry
What is the point? And how can I get/use the point?
Could I remove the account?
How to register? And do you have the membership fee?
How to reset the password?
How to use the balance?
How to use the coupon?
Should I sign with my Facebook account?
What are the benefits to registering with us?
How do I change the details on my Rosewe account?
Why can’t log into my Rosewe account?
Do I have to register to place an order?
Company/website information
Where are you located? Do you have the real store?
About us
What is your affiliated program?
What is your blog program?
Where to find Rosewe?
Why Rosewe?
Product inquiry
Do you sell customized items?
What if the item I want is Out of Stock?
Where can I find your latest products?
What is Pre-Order?
Why was my Pre-Order cancelled?
Where is Rosewe located?
What‘s the material of the item?
IPR infringement
IPR infringement
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